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What You Can Do in Roanoke, Virginia


The colony of Roanoke was established by Sir Walter Raleigh as a measure to establish the first permanent English colony in North America, on the current location of Virginia. Roanoke was established as the first English colony to settle the Eastern seaboard of North America. Virginia was chosen because it was at its head. Roanoke was established on the Roanoke River in what is currently Norfolk, Virginia. The English House of Navigation created a plan for the colony that included a route to Virginia, Cape May, New Jersey, and eventually Canada via the ocean.

As is commonly believed the colony was founded for reasons. Sir Walter Raleigh had witnessed and recorded the first English attempt at a voyage of discovery in the year 1620. He wrote about it in his book called ” journey across the continents of Asia and Africa”. The voyage included the purchase of a holding into the territory of Jamaica at the Bay of Bengal. This would be the beginning of transatlantic trade. Other historians believe that the colony was established to allow England to gain access to the Spice Islands which are now India and Sri Lanka.

The colony did not last long and was absorbed by the British

It was a short experiment however its impact has continued to be felt to this day. The British were not content to just establish a colony in the area and they wanted to take over the entire island. The Roanoke Tavern was the first British fort. This location is surrounded by urban legends and ghost stories that add to its mystery and charm.

Numerous colonies were established near the “Lost Colony of Roanoke” since this is where the most important battles of American Revolution took place. Virginia was an excellent example of this. Virginia was swiftly overthrown by the French and Indians in the same way like the American colonies. Virginia’s capital is situated in the middle of Washington D.C. You can still see the “Lost Colony of Roanoke” in the form of a park which includes parts of the original site.

Roanoke Island’s story was successful. It was the location of one of the first attempted suicides in the world. Many people attempted to commit suicide to improve their lives. It was later discovered that all of the people who attempted suicide were executed by hanging. The purpose of this was to excite the colonists to fight their English enemies. Even though the museum doesn’t display an emaciated body but it is a fascinating reminder of the time period.

Roanoke Island also has many historical sites that will please and amaze all visitors. There are many ghost towns open to the public where you can learn more about the history of Roanoke and the lost colony. If you’ve never been to the lost colony, there are plenty of activities that you can enjoy on the beautiful island to gain knowledge about its early days. Overall this is among the most stunning places to visit in all of North America!