The Sims Mobile: The Living Pretty Pack Arrives In-Game on the 4th December 2019!

(This article is presented by EA Game Changers! Thank you, EA for providing me information on the upcoming Living Pretty Pack that arrives in-game on the 4th December 2019)

Simmers, a brand new pack is arriving in The Sims Mobiles online store on the 4th of December 2019 at 1 am UTC and will leave on the 12th of December 2019 at 1 am UTC called the ‘Living Pretty Pack!

You’ll need to be level 5+ to be able to purchase this pack from the online store.

This pack will cost you $9.99 USD, which should be around £9.99 here in the United Kingdom!

Here is what the pack’s description has to say:

Love the lovely things in life! This pack is filled to the brim with ornamental finery, charming knick-knocks, and precious thing-a-ma-bobs. Give your home a cosy, lived-in feel!

This pack is definitely going to be worth the £9.99 price tag as It comes with 9 items that are all 3-star items and 10,000 Simoleons for you to enjoy.

Here is a list of all items you can be granted when purchasing this pack:

  • Stationary Holder.
  • Decorative Jug with spoons.
  • Stand with 3 umbrellas.
  • Metal pitcher on a wooden tray.
  • Fruit platter- rectangular.
  • Fruit Bowl- Pineapple Bananas.
  • Tea Set.
  • Ceramic glazed Urn.
  • Ceramic glazed Urn with Lid.
  • 11,000 Simoleons

Once the pack is released in-game, we’ll be doing a full overview to see if it’s really worth the £9.99 price tag.

As always, Happy Simming!


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