The Sims Mobile: Wumples Wishlist 12 Quest Prizes Overview

The latest Wumples Wishlist quest for The Sims Mobile brought two brand new Create a Sim items for our Male Sims to enjoy!

I am glad that the team have added new Create a Sim items for our Male Sims to enjoy. I am just unsure if they are worth the long 4 days of trying to unlock them.

Let’s take a look at each item and see what I have to say on them.

Hey There Henley

The top comes in 4 different colour swatches for you to choose from.

I have to say out of all the Male tops in the game, this has to be my least favourite top by far for Male Sims. Yes some of the colour swatches look really nice especially the red one, I just dont see me using this top in my game often whe  changing my Sims appearance.

Fleet Feet Cross Trainers

The trainers comes in 4 colour swatches for you to choose from.

I actually like these trainers and I really see myself using these trainers often in my game. I also really love the the colour swatches as they suit the the Hey There Henley tops.

(You will also unlock 10 Fashion Gems to use at Izzy’s Fashion Shop)

Overall do I think the items are worth the hard work? No I think you should leave this Wumples Wishlist if you really dont want the items. If you do want these items or just want to get new Create a Sims items for your Male Sims, then this Wumples Wishlist quest could be for you.

We hope you enjoy doing the Wumples Wishlist quest and tell us what you think of the quest in the comments below.

Happy Simming All!


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