The Sims FreePlay Unveils Last Update of 2019!

Simmers! It’s sad but true. The last update of 2019 is arriving soon with the Lakehouse Christmas Update! The Holiday Season for our Sims is about to get busy with some new and old events appearing in-game, including one or two special events to celebrate what is truly a big month for The Sims FreePlay! We break down the events coming to the game in December and January, and reveal when they will be coming!

In order of start times, here are the contents of the upcoming update that will come out very soon! (All times are in UTC):

Returning Live Event: Sophisticated Socialite

The Christmas Update surprisingly kicks off with a returning live event this time around! The Sophisticated Socialite was the first full Live Event to take place this year way back in late January, early February. Progressing through the event allowed you to unlock some very suave and sophisticated furniture and outfits to show off your socialite skills!

This Live Event is scheduled to begin on 3rd December 2019 and will last for 11 days. (If you’ve completed this quest in the past, you will not receive it again! If you’ve completed part of it, you’ll start from where you last finished!)

Christmas Quest 2019 – Hearth of Stone

A brand new Christmas Quest is making its’ way to SimTown again, with the Hearth of Stone quest beginning in mid-December. As was with the 2017 Snow Problem and 2018 Missing Claus Quests, you’ll progress through daily tasks, earning new furniture items along the way, right up until Christmas Eve, where you have the chance to unlock a brand new house template: the Lakesidehouse Lot!

And that’s not all! Along with completing this quest and winning the Lakeside template, you’ll also unlock two brand new types of content for Build Mode: external chimneys and bay windows!

This Quest is scheduled to begin 12th December 2019 and is due to last 13 days! (subject to change in the final release!)

New 9 Day Pregnancy Event: Maternity Pack 9

A ninth Maternity Pack is making its way to SimTown this update, which you can unlock through the 9-day Pregnancy Event. Like the past packs, you can unlock some new baby furniture and maternity clothing by completing all the daily and social goals, as well as getting the Baby Bonus for your newborn Sim.

The Maternity Pack will only be available between 25th December 2019 to January 5th 2020.

Returning Hobby Event: Mean Curls Hobby Event

The only hobby event returning to the game this update is also the first event of 2020! The Mean Curls Hobby Event comes back to give you another chance to unlock some colourful hairstyles for your female Adult Sims to enjoy! You’ll need to complete this event NINE times in order to unlock all the hairstyles available!

This Hobby Event returns January 2nd 2020 and is scheduled to last for 9 days. (If you’ve completed this quest in the past, you will not receive it again! If you’ve completed part of it, you’ll start from where you last finished!)

Returning Quest: Inner Child’s Play Seasonal Quest

Another quest appears in this update with the return of the Inner Child’s Play Quest. First appearing in 2018 you’ll have the chance to win an awesome treehouse for your Preteen and Adult Sims to enjoy!

This Seasonal Quest begins January 6th 2020 and is due to last 7 days! (If you’ve completed this quest in the past, you will not receive it again! If you’ve completed part of it, you’ll start from where you last finished!)

New Live Event: Glam Mansion

A brand new Live Event also appears in early 2020 with the Glam Mansion Live Event. Progressing through the event will allow you the chance to unlock some very glam furniture while earning enough resources and purchasing every pack available in the event will win you the Glam Mansion House Template!

This Live Event begins January 8th 2020 and is due to last 9 days! (subject to change in the final release!)

New SimChase: Mansion Mania!

Another singular SimChase appears in this update, with Season 9 kicking off in late January 2020 to end the Holiday update. Titled ‘Mansion Mania’, this SimChase allows you the chance to add to your Glam Mansion by progressing through the event and unlocking some new fancy furniture and outfits for your adult sims!

This SimChase is scheduled to begin January 22nd 2020 and is due to last 9 days! (subject to change in the final release!)

What else is coming?

Daily Christmas Gifts

To celebrate the holiday season, The Sims FreePlay is once again bringing back the Daily Christmas Gifts. By checking in to the game at least once per day between the scheduled days, you’ll be given a furniture item as a Christmas gift from the game!

This Daily Gifts will be available between 6th-11th December 2019 (remember: one gift per day!)

The Sims FreePlay Celebrates Another Birthday!

That’s right, The Sims FreePlay turns 8 years old this month. First released on iOS back in 2011, we will be celebrating on the 15th of December 2019 when the game will release their own special gift to players as a thank you for sticking around for another year!

This Birthday Gift will supposedly drop somewhere around the 15th of December 2019! (We are assuming this date as this was when the game was first released on a mobile device so this may not be correct!)

Moschino Collaboration Continues!

It appears the Moschino Collaboration with The Sims is continuing this update. It has been teased that another pack is dropping this update, adding to the one that dropped a few updates ago. We do not know when this pack will appear, presumably when the update arrives, how much it’ll cost or how long it’ll stick around for. We will bring you more information on this when the pack appears in the Online Store!


It’s been another massive year for The Sims FreePlay, and we are super excited to celebrate that with a massive update full of new and old events! While some of the prices of prizes from these events have been difficult to overlook this year, we should remain positive on what the future holds for the game. Interior and exterior designing have been a big focus for the game this year, something we should be extremely thankful for! Let’s hope 2019 for The Sims FreePlay ends on a very high note!

As always, Happy Simming!


Sims Freeplay Nerd!