The Sims FreePlay: The Moschino Capsule Collection 2 is now Available to be purchased!

Simmers, as you all know a brand new Moschino Capsule Collection was added into the game with the Lakehouse Christmas Update!

But I was definitely not expecting the price of the pack to be more expansive than the first Moschino Capsule Collection Pack. The pack will cost you £23.99 which is a total rip off for what you get with the pack.

 More information on the pack can be found here.

If I was going to purchase a Moschino Capsule Pack for my game, I would say get the first Moschino Capsule Collection as it not only adds better Create a Sim items; but the value of the pack is better.

Tell us what you think of the brand new Moschino Capsule Pack and if you’ll be purchasing it in the comments below.

As always, Happy Simming!


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