The Sims FreePlay: SimChase Season 8 Starts Today!

Simmers, The Cafe Culture Update continues with Season 8 of SimChase! Titled ‘Cafe Conundrums’, this SimChase begins November 7th 2019 and lasts 7 days, offering you the chance to unlock brand new outdoor furniture and brand new hairstyles, facial features and outfits for our Female and Male Adult Sims!

SimChases are a game-show styled event where your Sims are tasked with a set of daily challenges that need to be completed before you are able to reach a checkpoint. But remember, you are battling with a computerised, non-player rival so you also need to beat them to the checkpoint. Each checkpoint contains a prize, either a SimChase Token – which can be used to spin for a Roadwork that will either slow your player down or give you Simoleons or Monument Resources – or new item packs, which are the prizes for Episodes 2, 5 and 7. You will not win the Token or the Prize Pack if you do not reach the checkpoint FIRST!


As previously mentioned, this season is directed at new outdoor furniture. Here is a list of the range of prizes available in this event:

Cafe Brunch (Episode 2 Prize)


City Living (Episode 5 Prize)


Al Fresco Sunshine (Grand Prize)


Tips & Tricks:

– Leave the Mastery Task until last – the Social Points total to skip that and the Check-In with the Game Show Host costs less that the SP total to perform the entire task.
– If a task asks you to perform an action with a certain amount of Sims, make sure they do the task at ONCE. It can save so much time instead of doing it one sim at a time.
– Double check the amount of Sims needed for a task as not knowing how many Sims are needed or not having the total amount of Sims doing the task can cost you precious time. Always double or even triple check if you need to!
– If you are concerned about not winning the Grand Prize, you can save up the SimChase tokens instead of spending them immediately. There is a good chance then of spinning for a Roadwork against your rival Sim to slow them down.
– Use THREE star items to help finish tasks quicker.

Good luck and Happy Simming Simmers!



Sims Freeplay Nerd!