The Sims FreePlay: Maternity Pack 9

Simmers! Another Maternity Pack is coming your way in this update!

Continuing the trend like every update has in 2019, you’ll be able to win this pack by completing the 9-Day Pregnancy Event successfully. This includes completing all the Daily goals and Support Tasks, as well as winning the baby bonus!

To start the 9-Day Pregnancy Event, remember to go to a baby crib (can be found in the baby section in Build & Buy Mode or in your Inventory if you have a crib but it’s not yet placed down in any Sims lots) in your Sims home and select the Pregnancy Event. It will cost 2 Life Points to start, and you can choose which Female Sim you want to experience the event (they do not have to be married).

The Daily Goals involve your Pregnancy Sim completing task every day. Completing the goals will earn you Maternity Tokens, which you can spend in the Maternity Store on packs that you haven’t yet bought (if you have bought all the packs, then there won’t be anything to spend the Tokens on – we do not have any information on if there will be a way to use up the Tokens spent on these events).

The Support Tasks are goals you can complete throughout the journey with your other Sims. All tasks require a certain amount of Sims, so double check these tasks to ensure you don’t lose time on this event. You will also earn Maternity Tokens when you hit a certain percentage of Support Tasks complete (e.g 20%, 40%, etc).

Once the 9-Day Pregnancy ends, your Pregnant Sim will give birth to either a baby girl or boy (you choose the gender) regardless of if you complete all the tasks. So ensure you have completed all the Daily and Support goals before the end of the event if you want the baby bonus and the Maternity Pack.

The Baby Bonus gives your baby Sim life perks that last for as long as the Sim remains in your game.

Alongside the Baby Bonus, you’ll be able to win two Maternity outfits, new wallpaper, and two new items of furniture from this Maternity Pack!

Good luck and Happy Simming Simmers!


Sims Freeplay Nerd!