The Sims FreePlay End of Update Review: Fine Dining

Another The Sims FreePlay update has been and gone, meaning it is time for another End of Update review! Once again, the update was pretty hectic, with a new Live Event, new SimChases, a new maternity pack, a new collaboration pack and few old events returning to the game. But on top of all the new and old events, there were a few added changes in the game that were spotted throughout the month. Iets look back on the update that dropped in early September and give my overall thoughts:

Fine Dining Live Event

As with every update this year, it began with a brand new Live Event. Collecting enough resources and winning every prize won you a brand new Fine Dining Restaurant template. I was not excited by this prize, as we already have a Restaurant in our game. I feel that doing the Live Event was pointless if we were not going to get an updated version of the Restaurant our SimTowns already have. But regardless, I still gave this event a go and found enough time to sit down and nearly collect all the resources for this event. In the end, I spent 10 SPs to earn all of the Glassware possible to unlock my last prize and win the template. It was the first Driveway Lot template that I had won since they had first appeared with the Grand Garages update back in March. But as soon as I had it built, I demolished it – again there is no need for a Restaurant Template when we actually have a Restaurant. This Live Event probably would’ve been more worth doing if our current Restaurant in SimTown got an actual update on it.

I did enjoy the prizes though, despite their once again ridiculous prices, which are currently being used in a few of my SimTown builds at the moment, including my new build that has replaced the Restaurant Template.

SimChase Season 6 & 7

For the first time since SimChase Season 1, I decided to skip the sixth SimChase – I was not busy, nor did I have much else going on within my game. I simply decided on ignoring the first SimChase of the update because of two reasons. One of those reasons was because the Kitchen items that you could win from this SimChase were not that exciting for me – I did not receive the urge to win them, so I didn’t bother wasting my SPs on a SimChase that include prizes I did not like. The second reason I choose to not participate was that this game has been so mentally draining for me to check-in day in and day out. As has been the same with every update, it has been jam-packed with events, both new and old, that can be simply too much for a player. I only began playing this game back in 2016, so not every event in my game is complete. My Sims were stretched to the max in the first couple of weeks with the recent update as we had not only a new Live Event but a returning event that I had not completed. And I am fairly certain that I was not the only player in that position. I feel for the newer players coming into the game and begin bombarded by so many events with not enough Sims or resources – it’s enough to quit the game almost immediately. As for me, I feel that I have spent too many years playing this game to suddenly give it up. I find it ironic that a game that I used to escape real life is the same game I attempted to escape from during this update.

Despite this, I chose to pursue the second of the two SimChases that were introduced in this update. I found this one to be the easiest to complete out of all the SimChases so far as the probability chance to find all the items during those tasks was lifted higher, meaning that you could find all the items in one go. However, I fell behind a lot throughout a lot of those days due to life and a few in-game glitches, meaning that I was forced to use my SPs to complete the days. Thankfully my total had gotten a much-needed boost with a few lucky SP spins and saving them up, but they’ve taken a bit of a beating since I last touched them (whoops). While I did complete this event, I was still underwhelmed with the prizes despite them being the ones I had actually wanted the most to begin with. Maybe it’s the constant babysitting this game needs that’s putting me off these prizes.

Returning Events: Love is Blinds and Daring Do’s Hobby Events and Day Spa Live Event

Three older events from the recent past returned for this update, including one that players had been asking since it first appeared two years ago!

The Love is Blinds Hobby Event was noted for being the MOST requested event to return to the game, so players were absolutely delighted to see that it would return in this update! Although it appeared during the newest Live Event, a lot of players jumped to this event faster than the Live Event to complete it. I was very excited to see this event return, as I had only gotten halfway through last time. I really really wanted this hobby event to return and even was one of those requesting it to return. And its’ return was made even sweeter when we were able to place the blinds behind items WITHOUT glitching!

The Daring Do’s Hobby Event also made its’ third return in this update, giving players the opportunity to win the hairstyles agian. While I had already completed this event the first time it appeared, I do look at this event with disappointment, as there are only four different hairstyles, in eight colours, all with a similar tones to each other. It seems that Firemonkeys no longer wants to be extravagant with the other colours and the new hairstyles, which truly is a disappointment.

The Day Spa Live Event returned for the second time this update. What was originally a Community Event was transformed into a Live Event late last year. I completed this event the first time it appeared, as I wasn’t playing the game at the time it was a Community Event. While it was a great initiative at the time, the Live Event does lack some of the personal prizes that appeared during the Community Event days. These personal prizes included a whole bunch of rugs, bathroom furniture, doorways and windows, and towel robes. The only way it seems you can win these prizes is by opening Mystery Boxes (gain keys to these by completing the Weekly Goals, or purchasing keys from the Online Store), and that’s an even more difficult task because the prizes you win are randomised so you still won’t know how long it’ll take to win them. I wish Firemonkeys would fix this and incorporate the packs into the Live Event so we could win them without the need to try our luck elsewhere.

Maternity Pack 7

For the first time, I attempted at trying to win a Maternity Pack. My SimTown is going through some major changes, one of those being is that I am introducing brand new Sims to the town. So I choose to attempt at earning the 7th Maternity Pack of the year. But just like the SimChases, I found it too demanding and not worth the effort, time and prices, eventually giving up halfway through and just doing the Social Tasks since they gave me more Maternity Tokens. I didn’t want the Maternity Pack, but that wasn’t what bothered me. What did was the fact that I had truly forgotten how difficult a Pregnancy event is; they do say it takes a village to raise a child! Well, in this game, the saying goes: ‘It takes a whole SimTown to PREPARE for a Newborn Sim!’

Moschino Collaboration Pack

After collaborating on The Sims 4 to release a brand new Stuff Pack, the Moschino brand didn’t stop there – they also collaborated on The Sims FreePlay to release the Time Capsule Collection for the game. The pack was filled with a small handful of clothing inspired by the Collection and was only available for a limited amount of time at a surprising price of USD$14.99. As a player outside of the US, the price for the pack would’ve cost me $25.99, which I felt was a far too hefty for a price for only a small collection of clothing items. The Stuff Pack on The Sims 4 not only gave you a much larger range of clothing, but was also much cheaper than the pack on The Sims FreePlay! Definitely not worth purchasing for me, and I’m very certain there were other players who felt the same way!

What else appeared in this update?

On top of new events, there were other small changes in this update that had players excited and disappointed!

BLINDS – When the Love is Blinds Hobby Event first appeared back in 2017, Simmers were furious that you couldn’t place any objects right in front of the blinds like first teasers had suggested. The only way this was possible was if you were to glitch the item in front of the blinds. But that all changed in this update when people on Instagram discovered that the Firemonkeys team edited the blinds so Simmers we able to place items in front of the windows WITHOUT glitching! It appears that the Firemonkeys team are being more lenient on furniture placement as the updates go on, as a few similar edits have also appeared throughout the year too.

RUGS-  Rugs also got a texture adjustment that Simmers were not excited about. Fingers crossed this can be corrected in the next update because this glitch certainly did not make my builds any prettier!

FOOD PLATTERS – Three of the new food platters that were introduced throughout the early updates of this year did not have actions to them, and just sat as a VERY expensive decoration to a house build. In this update though, Firemonkeys added actions to them, making them more worthwhile!

DAY SPA PATIO PAVINGS – With the return of the Day Spa Live Event in this update, players who had already completed the event got a shock when they saw that the prices for the patios that came from this event jumped up in price! Originally FREE, the patios are now two thousand Simoleons per square!

ONLINE DISCOUNTED PACKS – Between the 6th and 7th of October, Christmas suddenly came early for the Online Store. Packs that had appeared throughout 2019 suddenly reappeared for 15 days! And at a discounted price! I jumped at the chance to buy the packs that I had missed out on… and thank goodness they were at discounted prices!


The Sims FreePlay team are using a strategy that is working for them, timing every event to perfection so that the new events don’t overlap with the older ones, while just throwing in the old event here and there just to fill in time. But what’s got me interested are the background changes within the game – I’m more excited to see what’s secretly added next rather than what new event is coming next update.


Sims Freeplay Nerd!