The Sims FreePlay: A Brand New Live Event is Coming!

(This article is presented by EA Game Changers! Thank you, EA for providing me information on the Glam Manson Live Event that is coming to The Sims FreePlay)

Simmers! It’s time for a new Sims FreePlay update, which means it’s time for a brand new Live Event!

This 9-day event, titled Glam Mansion, begins 9th January 2020 to the 18th January 2020, making this Live Event the first brand new event of the new year! This event will also be around until the 21st of January 2020, so even if you don’t start the new event on the day it arrives, you’ll still have a few days of leniency in order to get all prizes for the event.

The Live Event will begin with a small tutorial reminding you of how these events go. A pop-up will appear telling you that the event is starting and will ask you to place down your Candle Crafting Stations (if you haven’t already done so – you can find stations under the Events section in the Inventory).

You will be asked to begin crafting Candles from the craft station (one Sim at least must be available to perform this action). Select the station and choose the ‘Make 50 Candles’ option. During this, your Sim will take 23 seconds to craft these Candles.

When you complete this action, you will be taken to the Progress Bar, showing you how far you are through the event, how many arts and crafts that have been created and what prizes you can win in this event. You can exit out of this pop-up by selecting the small arrow back button on the top left corner.

Once your Sim has completed the action, you’ll then be asked to restock the station. You need to restock the stations throughout the event after a certain amount of uses to continue making arts and crafts. Selecting the craft station when you need to restock will give you two restocking options: the ‘Restock 2 Uses’ option takes 10 seconds and gives you two stocks before you need to restock the station. The second restock option costs 10 Social Points, but these stocks are instantly replenished and last for 18 uses. You can choose the option that works for you.

The next task is for you to purchase the first unlockable pack – the Polished Walnut Floor pack. Return to the pop-up progress bar (either by going to the menu or selecting the small Live Event icon at the top left of your screen) and scroll down until you get to the Pack (it costs 50 Candles, which you would have crafted earlier in the tutorial). Select the green ‘Purchase’ option to complete this task.

Once you have completed the task above, you will be asked to use a Coin Flower Patch, found in your Inventory under Event Items This Garden Patch has a blue highlight around the edge of it and can be used to earn more Constructor Coins. There are two options when spinning the plant – you can select the basic option (the first spin is for FREE, but after that, it will cost you 450 Candles to spin again!) or you can choose the Mega Spin option (it will cost you 25 SPs, but will award you a larger amount of Constructor Coins than the basic spin). You will be taken to a pop-up similar to when you do a Simoleon spin, but you will be spinning for Coins. Press the play option to spin the plant. Once you have spun and been awarded the Constructor Coins for playing, exit the pop-up.

You will then be asked to Check the Daily Goals. When you select the Progress Bar again, you will see that there are two tabs – one for progress and one for daily goals. Select the daily goals tab. These daily goals last for 24 hours and reset once those 24 hours have passed. By completing these goals, you will be awarded either Constructor Coins or Candles. Here is a list of goals you need to complete daily to get the rewards:

Craft any item (Reward: 1 Constructor Coin)
Use a Spin Plant (Reward: 1 Constructor Coin)
Unlock or Buy a Prize (Reward: 5 Constructor Coins)
Craft 1000 Items (Reward: 5 Constructor Coins)
Win 10 Constructor Coins on the Spin Plant (Reward: 350 Candles)
Free Candles (Reward: 100 Candles)
Free Constructor Coins (Reward: 1 Constructor Coin)
Complete All Daily Goals (Reward: 20 Constructor Coins)

The next task in the tutorial is to Collect Bonuses, which are little resource items that appear on top of a station currently in use. You can collect them to add to your current total of that resource.

The last task in the tutorial lasts for the rest of the event: Continue collecting arts and crafts items, which means continue crafting resources for the rest of the event.


The prizes available are directed to creating your Glam Mansion build so here is a list of prizes from the new Live Event, including the Grand Prize!

(In between prizes are other milestones where you can win Constructor Coins and unlock three more stations for Pottery, Jewelry, and Glassware. Continue crafting resources to gain the coins and unlock the stations!)

Polished Walnut Floor Pack

Pristine Bamboo Plants

Geometric Paintings

Geometric Showers & Sinks

Geometric Baths & Toilets

Counters & Tinted Windows

Kitchen Essentials & Tinted Windows

Geometric Breakfast Bar

Luxury Lounges

Glam Mansion

By earning enough resources and collecting every prize available, you’ll unlock the Glam Mansion Grand Prize. The Grand Prize is a house lot found on the Driveway Standard or Premium Lots, filled with new furniture from this new event! (The first template will be free, but after that, the cost depends on the number of house lots you’ve already built in your town!).

Here is also the minimum resource requirements needed to unlock every prize in this event:

Candles: 23,636
Pottery: 95Jewellerywelry: 98,604
Glassware: 76,658
Constructor Coins: 1,705

Tips & Tricks:

– During the tutorial for the Live Event, give yourself a quick head start by using ALL the Candle Stations – that way you can earn 200 candles instead of just earning a minimum of 50. Also, restock all the Candle Stations so all the stations will have the same amount of stock left.
– Try to select the 2hr 30mins option during the day the most as this option earns you the most resources collectively. Try to select the 8hr 30mins option for the nights while you sleep!
– If you’ve selected the wrong time option and want to cancel it to change to a more suited option, you can but it will cost you that stock if the Sim starts creating resources. If you can cancel the action before the Sim gets to the station, you can keep that stock!
– Complete the Daily Rewards each day to earn extra Constructor Coins!
– You can collect bonus resources when your Sims are completing the event. A resource appears above the station which you can collect – the longer time that has passed between collecting bonus resources, the more bonuses you can collect! (The minimum you can collect is 1, while the maximum is 10)
– Social Points can also help when collecting bonus resources – you can use them to finish the resource collecting or restocking process quicker. If you wait until the last minute of the resource collecting, you can spend only 1 SP to collect all the bonus available!
– Use all the stations available – more stations equals more resources!
– Candles are an important resource in Live Events – while they may not be needed for every prize, you will need them to pay for the Constructor Coin Spin Plant!
– The resources that are not used by the end of the event are converted into Simoleons for you to spend!
– At the end of the event, it is best to leave all your resource stations where they are. If you store them into your inventory, you’ll lose all the stock available on the stations. It is best to not sell them off either as you’ll have to buy them over again.

Good luck and Happy Simming Simmers!


Sims Freeplay Nerd!