The Sims 4 Discover University: Information we learned on Create a Sim/Build & Buy Mode in yesterdays livestream!

Did you miss yesterdays Livestream?  Don’t panic as we wrote everything down from the Livestream that we learned about Create a Sim and Build & Buy Mode!

Here is what we learned:

Create a Sim Information 

  • No new Create A Sim trait.
  • Earrings will are labelled piercings.
  • There are brows and nose stud piercings but no lip or septum piercing.
  • A ton of brand new minimalistic tattoos that you can place pretty much anywhere on your Sims body.
  • One new aspiration- Academic.
  • 9 brand new Female Hairstyles.
  • Over 15+ brand new Female tops.
  • Over 10+  brand new outfits for Female Sims.
  • Over 10+ bottoms for Female Sims.
  • 5 brand new shoes for Female Sims.
  • 6 brand new hairstyles for Male Sims.
  • 3 outfits for Male Sims.
  • Over 15+ brand new tops for Male Sims.
  • 10 new bottoms for Males.
  • 2 brand new leggings for Males Sims.
  • 4 brand new shoes for Male Sims.
  • Build & Buy Mode 

  • Dorms will be on penthouse lots.
  • New lot type: University Housing (both Dorms and Off-Campus lots can have the  University Housing lot type.
  • Stoves & grills are forbidden from Dorms but cafeteria stations can be placed in dorms.
  • Dorms with the University Housings lot type will require an elevator, trash chute, and a penthouse mailbox.
  • Off-Campus lots with the University Housing lot type requires 4 beds, 1 toilet, and 1 shower.
  • University Housing has a configuration panel that will allow you to Set which school the University Housing belongs to, set gender restrictions, restrict University Housing to specific university organizations organization restrictions only affect the roommates.
  • You can not change your Sims dorm rooms.
  • If you want to change your Sims dorm rooms though you can enter the cheat bb.enablefreebuild.
  • You’ll be able to live to drag anything to make your Sims dorm room feel more personalities.
  • Your Sims will also be able to purchase University items from the University Kiosk that are located over at the Student Common Spaces in both Universities.
  • New lot traits: Study Spot and University Student Hangout.
  • If the Study Spot lot trait is active on a lot, Sims will come and study together and won’t get pushed faster. If the University Hangout lot trait is active, Sims will frequently visit. The food and drinks will also be cheaper if this lot trait is active.
  • New bathroom stalls and communal showers.
  • Children and teens will not use the communal showers if there are other Sims around.
  • Young Adults and older Sims will use them but may get embarrassed if they use them.
  • Communal Showers and Toliet Stalls be can be placed outside Britechester.
  • New individual storage chests for Sims to keep their items separate from their housemates.
  • Mini-fridges will be making a comeback with this pack and can have other objects like Microwaves be placed on them.
  • No bunk beds in Discover University.
  • Multi-story columns are being added for free to all players in the next patch.
  • Not all columns are multi-story, you’ll be able to find out if the column is multi-story by scrolling over the selected column in Build/Buy.
  • Columns that have “Max Height Restricted” in the description are not multistory.
  • Stay tuned over at our website as we have more articles coming up about what we learned from yesterday’s Livestream.

Happy Simming, all!


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