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Nov 4

Six Signs That It's Time To Paint the Exterior of your home

When should I paint the Exterior Of My House?

The process of painting the exterior of your house is a costly and time-consuming project that nobody wants to undertake. A delay of only a few years in painting the exterior of your home can result in structural damage to your house. Paint is the first protection against weather and other elements. So, how do you know when it's the right time to begin painting your exterior San Diego? Here are six indicators that it's time to redo your exterior house.

The wear and tear of a vehicle is part of the process.


If your paint is starting to start to show signs of wear and deterioration, it's time for new paint. Cracks, peeling, and bubbling is all signs of wear. Any of these indications indicate that the paint is beginning to peel away from the building. Moisture can seep into the paint film and cause problems beneath. To assess the risk of damages and issues the best idea is to consult an expert.




Although faded paint isn't a major problem it could make your house look old and tired. The sun oxidizes the pigments present in your paint and causes the house to appear darker. It's a wise choice to paint your exterior with San Diego. Even if there's no physical damage, your home could still be a source of embarrassment.




Your home can be made more attractive and make more cash by painting the exterior. If you're planning to put your home on the market it's a good idea to seek professional advice. You'll be advised by them if exterior painting is more expensive than the estimated price.



If you find areas in your house that appear to be pushed away from window and door frames is it time to seal them. You'll likely need to seal the house of any holes. A professional will be able to inform you if water has penetrated into the wood, causing any issues worth worrying about. Anywhere there are gaps that are not filled, it is best to fill them.


Caulk cracked


Caulk is a material that is used to close gaps between walls, windows, or doors. It's utilized to keep your home sealed. It can become brittle and lose elasticity with age as it cracks and in the end, it breaks. Any area that used to be caulk, but now there isn't should be repaired. Cracks that are paintable caulk could be used. It will instantly show up if it is mended. Paint over the crack in order to cover it.




If you're lucky, your paint does not show any signs of wear. It's the right time to redo it. If you haven't seen any symptoms, repainting can be a possibility. This indicates that the paint has served its purpose and helped protect your home over a long period of time. If you're unable to remember the date or the time the paint was applied, speak to an expert.


What is the recommended frequency for exterior paint on a house be painted?


Based on the standard and workmanship used last time, the exterior paint San Diego is recommended to be painted once every 5-10 years.


The following are some guidelines based on the outside surface:


  • Each 3-7 years, the wood surface should be repainted.

  • Every five years, aluminum siding should be painted.

  • Stucco should be repainted every 5 to 6 years.

  • If you see any fail indications, give us a call. For paint projects, we provide free in-home quotes. Make an appointment today by contacting us.


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