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Eastside Microblading Studio & Academy Provide A Gentle And Safe Procedure

Jul 4

The team at microblading scottsdale az Studio & Academy is committed to excellence. They offer a range of permanent makeup services including microblading, nano brows, powder ombre brows, and lip blushing. The results are designed to complement the natural beauty of each client. They aim to help clients achieve the look they’ve always wanted. The salon also offers a wide selection of cosmetics and tools to help clients maintain their new looks at home.

The initial appointment begins with a consultation to discuss the client’s goals for their brows. The artist then measures the client’s brows and creates an outline that is both accurate and flattering. Then, they use a topical anesthetic to reduce discomfort. Once the client is comfortable, a series of passes are made across the brow area. This process is repeated until the desired brow is created.

A color deposit is then applied, and once the pigment has set, a final touch-up is done to make sure everything looks perfect. After this, the artist applies a clear gloss topcoat to keep the area protected from dust and moisture.

After the treatment, there may be redness or swelling around the eyebrow area. This is normal, but the client should avoid using makeup on the eyes until this has settled down. The client should also follow the instructions given to them by their artist to ensure that they heal properly.

The team at this Bellevue salon is dedicated to delivering quality permanent makeup services. They have a wide variety of training and experience, so they can provide clients with the best results possible. They can also provide tips for preventing fading and smearing, as well as techniques for keeping the brows looking fresh for months after a session.

Lip Blushing

The expert technicians at this studio provide a gentle and safe procedure that adds a beautiful flush of color to the lips. They use premium pigments to create a look that is both elegant and natural. This service is not recommended for people with cold sores or herpes because it could cause an outbreak.

This studio provides a comprehensive course for those who want to become a certified microblading artist. The classes are taught by an experienced and knowledgeable instructor who offers guidance to students throughout the program. Upon graduation, students receive a certificate that qualifies them to work as a certified microblading artist. They also receive a kit with various tattooing tools that they can use to practice their skills at home.