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Boudoir Photography - How to Make Boudoir Photography Work For You

May 11

Boudoir photography is one of the most intimate, beautiful, and empowering things you can do for yourself. It helps you love yourself fully and truly. And, once you do, it can be a powerful tool in helping others love themselves more deeply. That's why I love doing boudoir sessions with women, whether it's as an engagement or bridal gift for their fiance or husband or simply for themselves.

Las Vegas boudoir photographer photo shoot is so memorable that it can be a great way to commemorate any milestone in life. It can be as simple as getting married or as major as achieving a new career goal or completing a degree. However, it's most often done as a birthday or holiday gift to a loved one.

As with any session, it's important to understand your client and their motivations for doing the shoot. Providing your client with a questionnaire ahead of time can help them organize their thoughts and clarify how they envision the process and final photos. It can also help them determine which of their features they'd like to highlight or downplay.

During the shoot, it's also helpful to have some basic poses in mind for your client to perform. This is known as flow posing and it helps you direct your client in a natural, fluid manner. This allows the model to remain relaxed, comfortable, and sultry during the shoot.

For example, you can instruct your client to sit on the floor with their feet tucked under them and play casually with their bra straps or jewelry for a fun, playful pose. Or, you can encourage them to arch their back for a more sexy and strong pose. You can even suggest that they get wet and see how the water makes their fabric cling to their body for a more sensual look.

The key to a successful boudoir shoot is maintaining constant two-way communication with your client to ensure they're getting exactly what they want from their session. This is especially important if your client is nervous about doing a boudoir shoot and doesn't know what to expect. Keeping your client at ease throughout the session will make her feel more confident and empowered, which in turn will show in the final results.

One of the best ways to display boudoir photos is through albums. Albums are a classic, elegant way to keep your favorite images and can be kept on any shelf or table in your home. Alternatively, you can also opt for the latest craze of folio boxes which can be displayed discreetly on your desk or dresser. These sexy cases are the perfect way to showcase your gorgeous boudoir portraits without having to hang them.