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EvenMix IBC Tote Mixer Saving Your Time Money And Effort

Dec 16

Mixing is an important step in liquid products from raw materials through final product manufacture. Liquid products such as antifreeze, petroleum and shortening are typically used in mass production processes and must remain homogeneous throughout the manufacturing process. Once the mass has been produced, distributors and on-site contractors often use portable mixers to agitate and remix the liquid products in containers such as IBC tote tanks. The design and size of tote agitator required depends on the density and viscosity of the liquid in question. IBC mixers have been designed to handle a variety of density and viscosity levels for effective mixing.

Ibc anti-contamination mixer should be tough enough to handle the demanding conditions of mixing in IBC tote tanks but also be lightweight enough for a single person to install, operate and remove. The EvenMix(tm) IBC Tote Mixer is one of the most powerful and efficient mixers of its kind in the market.

It is a lightweight, portable mixer that mounts onto the lid bung hole of industry standard plastic Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC). It can be used to quickly mix and agitate the contents of IBCs, and re-suspend any settled solids in the bottom of the container or far corners of the tank. It is powered by a standard compressed air or nitrogen gas that is safely injected through the stainless steel mixing probe, into the tote container. The air or gas is then blown out through the probe into the container creating large mixing bubbles that quickly mix and agitate the liquids.

The non-mechanical IBC tote agitator will mix and agitate the contents of your tote in minutes saving you time, money and effort. It will mix the heaviest of chemicals right in the tote eliminating the need for moving your chemicals between vessels and making multiple trips to a warehouse. It is also a great way to mix and agitate food grade liquids in IBC tote containers.

The tote agitator is manufactured with stainless steel components for a long lasting durable mixing tool. It is fitted with a standard 4 pin, 16 AMP IP55 motor starter with overload protection. A safety interlock switch is built into the mixer support bridge. It has a built-in flow control valve and muffler. It is factory filled with a synthetic food quality lubricant and is sealed for life. The IBC mixer is fully CE compliant and is ready to be used straight out of the box.