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Smart Packaging Boosts Customer Experience And Brand Loyalty

Nov 4

A slew of technological innovations, from printed electronics to smart sensors, are making their way into packaging. Some are purely cosmetic, while others have real-world applications, such as food safety and consumer engagement.

Smart Packaging Solutions is a rapidly growing market, and a major opportunity for companies that want to improve customer experience and boost brand loyalty. By using technology to add functionality, companies can track and monitor products, provide valuable data to customers and suppliers, and enhance their environmental impact.

Embedded sensors and electronic components allow manufacturers to communicate with the product throughout its lifecycle. This can help reduce waste and ensure product quality, thereby increasing profits. Additionally, the information gathered by these systems allows for faster recalls in the event of product quality or safety issues. Smart packaging can also enable companies to deliver personalized content and rewards to consumers, which increases engagement and boosts brand reputation.

Companies can use smart packaging to collect and transmit data via RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chips or QR codes, or they can develop their own systems for in-package communications. For example, a smartphone app could read a barcode or quick response code on a package to display a video tutorial, offer a coupon, or connect the customer to a live support line for further assistance. This can be especially helpful for companies that produce a large number of products that require specific instructions or maintenance.

Other forms of smart packaging include time temperature indicators, which are used to document a product's exposure to cold or heat. These indicators can take several forms, including irreversible chemical color changes that occur over time; enzyme-caused color changes proportional to cumulative exposure above an activation temperature; and thermal expansion thermometers with ongoing data logging. These can be particularly useful for companies that produce perishable goods such as meat or dairy, as well as companies that need to keep the temperature of packaged foods constant during distribution.

In addition to improving customer experience, smart packaging can help businesses cut costs by reducing product loss and waste. For example, $1.2 trillion worth of food is lost or wasted every year, according to the Boston Consulting Group. Smart packaging can detect product spoilage and alert suppliers or consumers before it is too late to salvage what's left and avoid costly recalls and loss of consumer trust.

Smart packaging can be a win-win for businesses of all sizes, from small to medium enterprises to multinational corporations. For instance, fast-food company Burger King recently collaborated with the card game UNO to create a QR code innovation in their packaging that connected customers to a website with informational videos and other interactive activities. The collaboration boosted consumer engagement while increasing brand awareness and generating social media buzz.