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Oct 17

Moving your car on your own is risky and challenging, especially for a long distance. You will spend a lot of money during the journey and your car will wear out. Instead of driving the car for a long distance, it is advisable to hire a reliable car transportation company for the job. The company will securely move your car to the new location while you focus on other things. American Auto Transport is a reliable Austin vehicle shipping company that you can hire to transport your luxury/ordinary car, truck, boat, or motorcycle. Here is our simplified shipping process.

You Contact Us

You can call us or fill out an online form on our website. You will be required to provide some details, including your location, delivery location, delivery date, the car to be picked up, and any other information to make planning much easier.

Our Vehicle Transport Agent Will Evaluate What You Want to Ship

Our auto shipping Austin Texas team will review the information and send one of our transport agents. The representative will evaluate the condition of your car and any other machine you want to transport, be it a boat or motorcycle. This step helps us to know your vehicle condition to avoid disputes when the car arrives at your new location.

You Choose the Transport Type

Our vehicle transport Austin agent will also take you through our various transport type options. They will show you various open transport carriers and explain their advantages and prices. They will also show you different enclosed carriers to choose from. They will explain the costs of each option, leaving you to pick the preferred carrier based on your car type and budget. We also have special carriers for trucks, boats, motorcycles, and RVs. You will have an opportunity to pick the most ideal transport option.

Minimal Paperwork

Minimal paperwork must be completed before we pick up and deliver your car, RV, motorcycle, or boat. These documents include an inspection report, quote, insurance details, and the agreement. You will be required to review the documents before signing to eliminate the chances of disagreements in the end. 

Our team has simplified the entire process by minimizing paperwork of Austin car shipping. In addition, we prepare all the paperwork and help you go through it to ensure you understand everything regarding the entire shipping process.

Pick Up and Delivery

On the day of delivery, we will send one of our Austin auto transport drivers to your location to pick up your car, boat, or truck. The driver will have trained technicians to help them securely load your car or any other machine on our carrier. The driver will also allow you to inspect the carrier before and after loading the car. This ensures that you are satisfied that the carrier is in good shape and that the car is loaded correctly. Once you are satisfied, our driver will start off the journey and our agent will keep in touch with you until the car is delivered to your new location.

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