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Commercial Mixing Tools Are Available In Electric Gas And Air Powered Options

Oct 12

Mixers combine ingredients, knead dough, chop and whip to make sauces, soups, salsas, coleslaw, whipped toppings and more. They come in a wide range of sizes, types and styles, depending on your operation's needs. The planetary style is the most versatile, with an agitator that moves in a circular motion within a fixed bowl to thoroughly EasyMix the contents. These mixers usually include beaters, dough hooks and wire whisks that can be swapped out as needed, along with a stainless steel bowl. Some even feature a meat grinder, cheese shredder or slicer attachment that increases food processing capabilities and cuts prep time.

A spiral mixer is the ideal choice for a bakery or pizzeria that processes large amounts of dense bread dough. These mixers are capable of mixing and kneading heavy dough, so they have stronger motors than planetary models. They also typically feature a dough blade that thoroughly combines ingredients and reduces bubbles.

Commercial food mixers are available in electric, gas and air-powered options. They also offer belt-driven or gear-driven transmission designs, which affect speed and power. Belt-driven models usually offer a larger number of speed settings, while gear-driven units provide more torque and consistency. Both can be used for the same applications, but the gear-driven design is recommended if your operations mix tough or sticky foods frequently.

Mixer motor strength depends on the size and density of the ingredients being mixed. A standard 1/3 HP motor is suitable for small batches of batters and light mixtures, while a maximum heavy-duty 5 HP model can handle a wide range of applications, from mixing thick pizza or bread dough to chopping meat and vegetables in high volumes. The speed setting on most models can be adjusted manually or with the help of digital controls that display current and set speed for easy reference. Most also have 30-60 minute timers with a last batch recall setting for consistent mixing applications.

If you have a limited amount of space, consider a countertop mixer. These models sit on a counter and are typically lighter than floor mixers. They have a flat base that elevates the unit for easy cleaning underneath, and some feature powered bowl lifts to minimize strain on workers who must move heavy, full containers.

Tote mixers are an easy solution that allow for mixing in standard Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) totes, reducing fluid transfer waste and the time spent moving liquids in and out of secondary vessels. These mixers are typically electric, gas or explosion proof and have appropriately sized shafts and impellers for the specific tote type. Some of these mixers are designed to accommodate a variety of IBC tote sizes and are also suitable for chemical or powder storage applications. White Mountain Process specialists can help you determine the appropriate construction, type and size of mixer based on your application.