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Differences between a spa and skin care clinic

Jun 6

It is well-known that beauty and skincare treatments are at the heart of a spa, beauty salon, or skincare clinic. But what are the differences? What cases should you visit the spa? When do you need to see a Dermatologist at your skincare clinic?

Spa's origin word is 'Salus per Aquam', which literally means 'health through the water'. This describes how the body can relax, refresh, detox and increase blood flow. It's enhanced by steam bathing or bathing with water infused in aromatic herbs. The spa is now a popular place for body relaxation and skin care.

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This service provides services like haircare, skincare, and manicure. It uses a variety of methods such as massaging, masking or basic beauty treatments. A beauty salon does not have a medical focus, has no dermatologists, and is not as relaxing as a spa. Although they may offer some types of treatments, their offerings can vary widely.

Skincare clinic

This medical facility has licensed medical and dermatology staff that can provide consultations and treatment for a variety of skin problems.

  • Medical Questions: Diagnose and treat skin conditions and diseases like acne, melasma and warts.
  • Aging Solutions offer medically-based treatments for aging skin, including wrinkles, skin laxity and dull skin tones.
  • Skin care treatments for cosmetic purposes: Scar removal, treatment of acne scars, hair removal, hair loss, or tattoo removal.
  • Preventative skin care: regular medically-oriented services and advice to prevent skin problems and reverse the signs of aging.
  • Skin maintenance programs for skin health: For clients who are looking for 

Certain therapies, such as facial care or massage, can only be performed by qualified nurses or therapists. The skin care clinic is therapeutic and for people who are looking to treat the medical and cosmetic reasons of skin problems using medically-based solutions. Although comfort and relaxation are essential and should not be overlooked, clients will have an unforgettable experience. However, the main focus is on skin health results.

The confusion is that many spas and beauty centers now offer services that were previously only available to Skincare Clinics or strictly regulated medical facilities like skin whitening, tattoo removal, and melasma.

We recommend that you consult a dermatologist to examine, treat, and provide skin care services. Too many clients are left with permanent injuries from skin peels at home or by visiting a beauty salon for laser treatment, skin whitening, and acne treatments. The first place you should visit to assess your skin condition is a Skincare Clinic. Next, seek out medically-based and proven treatments. Skin Care Clinics near me 2022.